Entering the State of Ihram:

Entering the State of Ihram | image

Submit yourself wholeheartedly by starting with the purification. Not just bodily purification but the purification of your heart and soul too. Start with cutting or combing your hair if needed, trim your nails, shave the body hair for thorough cleaning and then purify yourself with the intention of Ihram by doing wudu or taking bath. After getting done with the refinement of the physical self comes the point of cleansing the stains of heart and the burden of soul. For this, your soul would yearn to kneel in front of our Lord Allah SWT. Repent for your sins with a sincere heart and seek for his forgiveness to lighten the burdened soul utterly.

Then put on your prescribed “Garment of Ihram” and offer 2 rakahs of Nafl for the intention of Ihram (Salat-ul-Ihram). Men must pray with their heads covered by the garment of Ihram. Uncover your heads later and declare the intension of Ihram by saying:

“O Allah! I intend to perform Umrah. Please make it easy for me and accept it from me. Amen.”

Immediately after making dua’a, recite the words of Talbiyah 3 times at least, in a loud voice, presenting you wholeheartedly to Allah SWT.

“Here I am at Thy service, O Allah! Here I am at Thy service. There is no partner with Thee. Here I am at Thy service. All praise and all blessing and favors belong to Thee, and the Sovereignty is Thine. Thou hast no partner”

After Talbiyah, recite Darood Shareef and make a supplication to Almighty Allah, in Arabic or in your own Language.
This completes your state of Ihram and from this point onwards you must care for the things that are forbidden during Ihram.

Prohibitions and restrictions of Ihram

  •  Wearing any sewn clothes (by men). Women are exempted from this
  • Wearing of shoes that cover the raised upper bone of the feet
  • Covering of heads (by men)
  • Covering the faces (by women). Women are required to cover their heads only
  • Shaving, cutting or trimming of hair
  • Cutting of nails
  • Using perfumed hair oil or any perfume on the cloth of Ihram
  • To indulge in a marital relationship
  • Using abusive language or quarrelling
  • To cut or plant a tree
  • The wash the head or beard with soap etc
  • To hunt or kill an animal (harmful animals may be killed)

Ihram being the first and foremost fard of Hajj and Umrah is the visual declaration of one’s intention. Purity, renunciation and the equality of all the believers with sincere devotion is signified with Ihram.


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