Going alone for Umrah? Here is What Will Help

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Normally, it is not recommendable to travel alone, especially for the first timers. People choose to go in shape of groups which make a journey more affordable, interesting, and convenient and of course more secure. Traveling in group will make your mind free of small worries and you will be able to get familiar with things very soon.

Never get casual with thinking that you are going for Umrah so you will not face any difficulty. Precaution is prescribed by the holy Prophet (SAW) himself before leaving things to Allah. There are numerous problems facing people going alone. Therefore people prefer traveling in groups. However, if there really some sorts of problem or personal reason and you have to go alone, there are some key points that should be kept in mind.

  • While travelling and your stay in Makkah and Madinah, first try to make some friends, in the flight or at the hotel. That will make you feel comfortable and secure. Take at least one of these people into confidence and give him your address and residential phone number as well, so they can contact your family in case of any emergency. Making friends can also enhance your spiritual experience especially if the one you find has been to Umrah before.
  • As soon you reach there, purchase a local SIM so you can make frequent contacts with your family. Remaining in touch with family will let your family will keep them relaxed and you will also be able to assure them that all is well.
  • It is advised to visit a doctor too. Doctor will guide you regarding your health and will give you necessary medicines you may require during traveling according to your prevailing health conditions.
  • Besides these tips, if you choose to go alone, you should be prepared to bear the expenses, and you should be willing to sacrifice some choices. There are very few hotels that offer single rooms, and if you do get one, they will cost you quite much in comparison. Moreover, you cannot make choices of your own. If you are unable to find a single room than you have to share it with others, and there you cannot chose a roommate of your own choice and liking.

Most importantly if you are a lady and you are going alone for Umrah, please make sure that you fulfill the Mahram requirements KSA government has put in place. Saudi government does not permit a woman less that 45 years age to travel for Umrah alone. So women aiming to perform Umrah should go with a Mahram. Any attempts on bypassing the system are detected and you cannot perform Umrah. So please be extra careful.

People who have not visited Makkah or Madinah ever before should first go within a group so to get familiar of things. Later they can travel alone keeping the aforementioned points in mind.

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