If you are planning for the saadah of performing Umrah , you will of course be looking for some sound advice on booking cheap flights or packages for Umrah. Below are a few tips that will help you book them for the cheapest fares and will also assist you in choosing how to book and who to book with.

  1. Packages are a better way to book. If you book flights with one agent and accommodation with another, things are likely to get more and more complex for you. Booking with one agent also lets things happen in a streamline fashion.
  2. Always book a minimum of a three star option. Go for cheaper than that and it is most likely that you will not be satisfied with the services provided.
  3. Try to get a hotel closer to Haram as that is what you are going there for. If you book a hotel far off from Haram, it will be quite in-convenient. However the closer to Haram Pak it will be more and more expensive.
  4. Book early and save a lot. The best time to book Umrah packages starts in January.
  5. Always give your travel agent all the details about how many people you are, specially the configuration and relationships, so that they can allocate the hotel rooms accordingly.
  6. Request cots for children to save on expense but please note that certain hotels do not allow that.
  7. Pack wisely so that during transfers and ziyarat you don’t have to worry about bulky luggage. This is specially true if you are taking private Saloon cars.
  8. Some of the packages might not include ziyarat; actually most of them don’t, so please ask specifically if they are included in the package plan.
  9. Book complete transport route until you are very familiar and this is not your first trip, as booking incomplete route may mean arranging your own transport at some point in your journey and that really means hassle if you are new especially with family members and luggage.
  10.  Try and locate trusted and experienced agents in Hajj and Umrah. There are lots of good agents out there.


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