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Medina is the second holy city in Islam where our beloved Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) immigrated 1400 years ago. It is located in the western region of the Kingdom and 5 hours driving north east to Jeddah. It’s a hilly area and about 625 m above the sea level; it is fertile and full of flowers and palm trees. The weather here is usually dry and hot in summer and cool and a bit rainy in winter. Every day thousands of people come to visit this Holly city and besides all other important necessities provided to pilgrims the transport in Medina is also striving it’s hard to help the pilgrims. Car or taxi is the main transportation to get around Medina, and now it also has got an international airport that receives pilgrims and visitors of the Prophet in this city. Getting to Medina is really easy nowadays either by plane, car, or buses; all are available, but the cheapest way to get there is by buses. Getting from Medina to Jeddah (and vice versa) it is almost a five-hour journey, while getting from Mecca to Medina is about 7-8 hour journey. SAPTCO is the famous government owned Saudia Arabian Public Transport Company. This company has the largest bus network inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Their bus condition is satisfactory, safe and easy for the travelers.

Every person going for Hajj or Umrah has to come and visit the city of Prophet, Al-Medina. Those who have to come to Medina by road from Makkah usually come here by buses, usually the plan is set by the agent who is managing all your travel. The busses are also provided by them, these busses take about 7-8 hours to reach Medina from Makkah, keep this thing in mind that along your important luggage, you should have your valid visa with you as there are checkpoints at the entrance and exit of Medina. The government has also started flights for pilgrims from Medina. The airport is located near the prophet`s mosque. It has good services, small duty free shops, etc to provide best facilities to pilgrims.

If you want to visit the Holly places like Masjid-E-Quba (where praying 2 nafals is considered as Maqbool Umrah) or other, you can easily get a taxi or van near Babe-E-Usman of the Mosque. Their charges are very reasonable and it is advised that you daily go to Majid-E-Quba to pray the nafals as you never know when you will get a chance to come here again and take this benefit.

The government is striving it’s hard to improve the Transport in Medina day by day, A project of railway network connecting Medina to Makkah is also in progress and vey soon pilgrims will be able to reach Medina with much ease.

The transport in Medina assures the pilgrims an easy and safe journey.

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