Traveling with Family for Umrah

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Umrah holds great importance in a Muslim’s life. It is a holy travel to the house of Allah (Mecca) and people tend to travel with much more care and pre-planning as possible. Most of the times people travel with their family and so require some sort of a guideline as to how to go about their journey in a cool and calm manner without any disturbance or hiccups.  Well, I would say it is not that of a big deal if you keep in mind a few simple tips or rather rules of especially traveling for umrah


  • First of all always consider a good Tour operator to book with, as Mecca receives over three million pilgrims a year during the month of Hajj, and around four million during the month of Ramadan. During the rest of the year, Mecca receives around two million for Umrah. Considering that fact you might imagine how hard it is going to be to book for at least 3-7 people. It would be a lot easier if you book with a reliable travel agent at least a month before you plan on traveling and to get an idea of the fare that is going to be for the flight. Another advantage of booking with an agent is that you are free of the responsibility of the tickets and also you focus on other things better, if something goes wrong the agency is going to be held responsible not you. We sometimes by mistake miss out on relevant information just by trying to save time and getting the complications involved later and that’s where we make a mistake so if an agent is involved you don’t have to worry about small itinerary details as that is all pre-planned.
  • Keep in mind as to how do you plan on staying there and how to fulfill your expenses. Always book a hotel in advance along with the flights and try to pre purchase every thing you need and keep the least amount of cash with you at all times just to be on a safe side. If you have a travel insurance then I guess you won’t have to worry much about even leaving the hotel room door wide open while going out …
  • Now considering the rituals involved in umrah you know it is not an easy task performing tawaf, the sa’i and the halaq or taqsir. These tasks are to be performed with dignity and respect, keeping in mind the warm weather of KSA and the heat of Arabian land you might be in for a surprise. It is not easy to walk for miles in the sunny weather. So keeping that in mind and be mentally prepared for what you are going to encounter.
  • Another useful piece of information I would like you to keep in mind, is  that many  times while traveling we forget to keep track of our own and others health .One essential thing you should always do is consult your doctor before traveling and keep your mediations(if any) with you. If traveling by air makes you feel uneasy try getting a suitable medicine or drug for air travel especially for kids if you don’t want to be the center of attention of every one on board.
  • As I mentioned umrah is not an easy task try to leave your children back if you feel they might not take the heat or if some one is too old to walk that much. Know your and your child’s potential and make a smart move every time you leave the hotel for the rituals.
  • Last but not the least consider the food you know, you and your family can eat. Be sure to do a little research of your own as to what is on the menu of the hotel you plan on staying. If you don’t eat well you are not going to be able to perform the umrah well too.

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