Umrah Air Travel Essentials

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Those who got a chance to go for Umrah should be glad that they are going for a journey of life time, a Journey like none other! So they must prepare mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Allah says:“And take a provision (with you) for the journey, but the best provision is At-Taqwa (piety, righteousness, etc.).So fear Me, O men of understanding!” (Quran 2:197)

So you should consider Taqwa as your first Umrah travel essential and should start practicing it weeks before your journey. Here is a list of the Islamic things you should learn before going to Umrah.

  • What is Umrah ? its history ,reward and importance.
  • Why are we going to perform Umrah?
  • How to perform Umrah, its pillars, obligatory and sunnah action. It is advised to read some relevant books, audio or video lectures.
  • Learn the relevant dua’s and its etiquettes also buy a good book of duas to take for the journey.
  • Learn the things that violate the state of Ihram.
  • Learn the rulings to the travelers prayer, rules of Tyammum, and rules of making Wudu (ablution) over socks.

Things to do

  • Make an Islamic Will, purify your heart and make pure intentions only to please Allah.
  • Build on your Taqwaa try feeling that Allah is watching us so that you stay away from all that He has forbidden.
  • Constantly renew your intentions and ask yourself why you are going for Umrah, and keep reminding your heart that you are going to please Allah alone.
  • Build on being patient, as it is very important.
  • It’s better to ask forgiveness from those whom we have been wrong.

Things to take:

Below are some suggestions of things which you can take with you as essentials.

  • Hand Luggage (Max 5kg), put a fluorescent tape /tag /ribbon attached to your bag to make it easily recognizable.
  • You should have a pocket Qur’an or dua books with you, so that you don’t have to waste your time sitting idle at the airport.
  • Keep your passport and ID card in your hand bag as you will have to show them at different places.
  • You can wear Ihram from your home or can also change at the airport washroom.
  • Don’t put nail cutter or scissors etc in your hand bag, but do put them in a side pocket of your other luggage as you will need them after your Umrah.
  • Keep all the regular medicines you take.
  • Try not to take any shampoo, soaps , lotions ,creams , deodorants etc as you can easily find all these things there.
  • Keep your Passport inc visa, Photocopy of passport, Medical certificates – vaccinations and Emergency contact numbers safe in a folder.

Don’t forget to pack a bag of taqwaa, patience and your best of manners as the true essentials. You will soon be a guest of Allah at His House and only these are the things by which you can please Allah Almighty!

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