Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Weather and Umrah

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Saudi Arabia is the country which each Muslim on earth will wish to visit at least once in his life time; it is not the best best place for a holiday but sure is a paradise for all Muslims. Arabia lies in the Middle East region of Asia and has a climate which is not pleasant for some.

If we only think of going to KSA for Umrah then the only places that come to our mind are the city of Jeddah (entry point for pilgrims), Mecca and Madinah.

Generally looking at the climate of Arabia we see that it is mainly a desert and according to my knowledge the only level of humidity you can find is along the coast of Red Sea. The temperature at day may reach to up to 40•c and drops dramatically at night. The only big variance in temp is between the coast (Jeddah) and the interior regions (Mecca, Madinah).

Talking about Jeddah first we see it is at the coast and has a much bearable and calm weather. Temperature there rarely rises from 37•c and also has a high level of humidity. This region is somewhat pleasant in the summers but is a much better sight in winters. One thing that may be a bit of trouble is the sand storms which are likely to be present there considering the fact that it is a desert.

Talking about Madinah and Mecca the temp here are quite different from the coastal region. The overall temperature throughout the year remain above 37•c.

Since the country doesn’t receive much of rainfall either it gets really tough for a person who is not accustomed to such weather especially given the fact that for example these days it is snowing in the UK whereasyou cannot survive without air conditioning in KSA, so you can imagine the summers. Due to very low humidity and rainfall the whole region suffers from drought. Muslims come to the holy cities throughout the year and so there is no such best time to visit but what I would rather suggest is that you should plan to travel for umrah between the month of November till February because during the rest of the year the temperature remains well above 40•c and also with an exceptionally high humidity at the coastal regions, plus during the month of Ramadan roads are going to be full of traffic. Since the Islamic calendar keeps changing each year you know that Ramadan might not fall in the same month next year.

Having said all the above, Umrah is such a great sa’adah that weather might be the last thing on your mind probably, but the purpose of this information is to actually prepare you mentally for the holy journey, since the weather conditions are poles apart. And if you cannot manage anything at or around the time between November and February, then all I can say is when the going gets though only the tough keep on going……

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