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Is it obligatory for me to perform Hajj?

It is not an obligation to visit the Sacred House. It becomes compulsory only on those who are sound of mind, adults and have the means enough to travel. Anyone who meets this criterion must perform Hajj once in a lifetime. The following Hadith by the Prophet (PBUH) will make this further clearer to you:

“If the person is not hampered by any disease, real necessities or a tyrannical ruler and yet does not perform Hajj, his death and the death of the Jew or a Christian are the same.” (Tirmizi)

What is the difference between Hajj and Umrah?

There are several differences between Hajj and Umrah with respect to the rituals and the time duration. Read the “Differences between Hajj and Umrah” to have a detailed view of the notion. For understanding at a basic level, the important thing to know is that Umrah can be performed at any month of the year. But Hajj is performed in the prescribed days of Zil Hajj once in a year.

Can I perform Umrah during the days of Hajj?

It is undesirable to perform Umrah between the 9th and 13th of Zil Hajj. To fully meet the demands of Hajj with an open heart, an intention to purify oneself from all sins and submission to Allah’s word one must perform only the rites of Hajj during its days.

There are several terms associated with Hajj that I do not understand. How do I make my concepts clearer?

There is nothing wrong in not knowing the terms as Hajj is not like the other four pillars of Islam that are performed and practiced on regular basis. We have written detailed chapters for you, under the light of Quran and Hadith that will build all your concepts about all phases of Hajj from the very basics. Stay tuned and read any articles you wish. Feel free to post any questions that arise in your head. Moreover, before your departed for this Divine Tour, you will have a training session or a seminar to teach you.

What is Hajj e Akbar? Would I be performing Hajj e Akbar this year?

Every Hajj is Hajj e Akbar (Big Hajj). Hajj is called as Hajj e Akbar by many people if Arafat comes on Friday but it is just a misconception. Therefore, you will be performing Hajj e Akbar Insha’Allah no matter which year you plan to go.

I have heard about the kinds of Hajj. What are these and which one must I perform?

Yes, there are three kinds of Hajj or three different ways to perform Hajj, namely Ifrad, Qiran and Tamatt’u. Hajj al-Tamatt’u is the one that the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) encouraged his followers to perform and for this reason this kind of Hajj is performed by a vast majority of pilgrims. You may perform any of the three according to your means and circumstances. Read “Kinds of Hajj” to know how these types of Hajj differ and the stages of each kind of Hajj.

Would a guide be available during the Hajj?

Yes, a religious guide will be available to you during your stay for Hajj who will direct you from one destination to the next. Hajj is a group journey so you must not worry about knowing the places to fulfill the rites of Hajj.

Is it permissible for me to do any kind of trade or business if I go to Saudi Arabia for Hajj?

Muslims from all over the world gather at one place for Hajj and it is permissible for a person to get into buying and selling or do any halal business so that he may get to meet the financial needs of the journey. Moreover, you may discuss your financial plans with other members of the Muslim community to make new business plans or to overcome the problems you are facing in your job/business.



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