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What is Ihram?

The sacred obligatory clothing used by the Muslim men and women before undergoing Umrah and the pilgrimage of Hajj, is Ihram. Muslims need to be in the state if Ihram before entering the boundary of Miqat.

What is Miqat?

Miqat is the boundary line set by Allah SWT, beyond which no Muslim who needs to perform Hajj or Umrah is supposed to enter without being in the state of Ihram.

What is the Ihram for men?

Ihram for men consists of two white sheets of unstitched cloth, one for the upper body to cover the shoulders and one for the lower body to wrap around the waist from the naval till below your knees while the ankles must be revealed.

What is the Ihram for women?

There is no specific clothing to be pronounced as Ihram for woman. Woman’s common clothing is her Ihram and she needs to be truly modest in that clothing, avoiding anything that could be attractive or less modest.

Can women cover their face while in Ihram?

No, it is impermissible for a woman to cover her face while in the state of Ihram. The hands must not be covered too.

Is it permissible for woman to be in her common clothes to assume Ihram?

Yes, it is permissible for a woman to be in her common clothes that are entirely modest. There is no specific clothing for women to assume Ihram.

Is it compulsory to take bath before entering Ihram?

It is not compulsory to take bath before entering Ihram. However the person needs to be clean and pure and for thorough cleanliness it is desirable to take bath besides making ablution (wudu).

Can I put on some fragrance while in the state of Ihram?

No, it is one of the prohibited acts of Ihram. Before entering the state of Ihram, men are allowed to use perfume on their body but once you have assumed Ihram, it is restricted to use any sort of perfume or fragrance. Same goes for the women but the woman is desired to not use any strong or appealing fragrance.

What is the procedure to enter the state of Ihram?

Read “Entering the State of Ihram”, for an in-depth understanding about the procedure of entering Ihram.

What are the footwear restrictions in Ihram?

For women there are no restrictions about the footwear. However, the men’s footwear must not cover their ankles or the raised upper bone of the feet, flip-flops are ideal to serve this purpose the best.

Is it allowed to change the Ihram for the purpose of washing it?

Yes, it is allowed to change Ihram for the purpose of cleaning it. There is no harm in using a new Ihram or a clean washed one.

What are the prohibitions and the restrictions of Ihram?

Once you are in the state of Ihram, you need to be really careful in the observance of restrictions that are put by Allah SWT.

  • Wearing any sewn clothes (by men). Women are exempted from this
  • Wearing of shoes that cover the raised upper bone of the feet
  • Covering of heads (by men)
  • Covering the faces (by women). Women are required to cover their heads only
  • Shaving, cutting or trimming of hair
  • Cutting of nails
  • Using perfumed hair oil or any perfume on the cloth of Ihram
  • To indulge in a marital relationship
  • Using abusive language or quarrelling
  • To cut or plant a tree
  • The wash the head or beard with soap etc
  • To hunt or kill an animal (harmful animals may be killed)
What happens when a pilgrim violates any of the forbidden acts of Ihram?

Penalty is incurred by violating any of the forbidden acts of Ihram. To expiate or to compensate for the act, sacrificial of an animal is made. In this regard, one must be extremely careful in following the proper rulings and a religious scholar must be consulted for formal guidance.

What are the permissible acts of Ihram?

While in the state of Ihram, there are certain acts that are permissible and do not call upon any penalty.

  • Use of toothbrush or miswak
  • Killing of harmful insects
  • Halal animals which are not hunted may be eaten (hunting is forbidden)
  • The use of  blanket for the covering of body is allowed, but the head or face must not be covered


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