Faq - Umrah packages

What are the packages offered by you?

We have variety of packages designed to meet your requirements, starting from the economy/budget to the super deluxe packages. Each package has its own entities that include visa, flights, accommodation and transportation including Ziyarah.

What kind of accommodation is included in the packages?

It depends on the type of package you pick. In Economy Package you can have a 3 star accommodation; in Deluxe Packages 3 and 4 star hotels are available. While in the Super Deluxe Packages, you will be given a 5 star accommodation in Makkah and Medina.

Which Umrah Package would suit me the best?

Each Umrah Package has a group of dates in it and a different set of accommodation. If you plan on a budget travel then the Economy Package would suit you the best. And if budget is not a matter of concern for you then you can have the Deluxe or the Super Deluxe Package booked for yourself.

Can I have a customized Umrah Package as per my schedule?

Yes, surely you can have the Customized Umrah Package with your specific dates. Within the Customized Umrah Package you can choose the kind of hotel, include or exclude transportation and so on. Fill in the query form on the right side or give us a call to know the best possible options you can have.

Do you include Ziyarahs in the package?

Yes, the Ziyarahs are included in the packages. You may choose to eliminate the Ziyarahs in your customized package.

Are there any hidden charges in the packages?

No, there are no hidden charges in any package we offer. All the prices are transparently mentioned to you.

Can a religious guide be arranged within my Umrah Package?

A religious guide will be provided to you in the fixed packages but in the Customized Packages you may or may not have the guide, depending on your choice.

Do I need to have a visa before booking an Umrah Package with you?

No, there is no restriction on having a visa before booking with us. You can apply for an Umrah Visa through us.

Is the price of Umrah Package same for adults and children/infants?

No, the price of Umrah Packages is less for children/infants as compared to adults. We can make it more budget-friendly for you if you choose for a Customized Package. Feel free to call or drop a query for any further assistance.

Is it possible to have the side-trip arranged before returning back to UK?

Yes, we care for all your wishes and if you wish to meet your friends and family before returning back to UK, we certainly can make it possible for you.

Do you arrange both direct and indirect flights?

Yes, we can arrange either direct or indirect flight for you in accordance with your priority. The earlier you book the more options you get in terms of flight bookings.

Would transportation be included in the package?

Yes, transportation is included in all the packages and is arranged according to the number of passengers.

If I get a customized package, how long can I stay in Saudi Arabia?

Your stay in Saudi Arabia under Umrah Visa would be for a maximum of 2 weeks. In Ramadan you can have a whole-month stay booked.

Would I be travelling with a group or alone?

It depends on the type of package you pick. Fixed Packages let you travel in a group while in the Customized Package you may choose to travel independently with your family.

What is your refund policy if I am supposed to make a cancellation?

We will not be able to give you any refund on the visas and the packages, once all the confirmed reservations are made for you. Please do the necessary homework and ask from us as many questions as you like, to avoid such displeasing circumstances.


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