Jeddah Hajj Terminal

Jeddah Hajj Terminal | image

Being in the close proximity to Makhah and Medina, Jeddah Airport has its undeniable significance as a gateway to the ever increasing pilgrims from all over the world to perform the sacred obligatory duty of Hajj and Umrah. The responsibility is well understood by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and therefore special measurements have been taken in design perspective to facilitate the voluminous foreign pilgrims.

With the tent shaped roof, the Hajj Terminal spanning over the area of approximately five million square feet makes it signify among one of the largest air terminals in the world. The activity of the Hajj Terminal is at its peak during the episode of 6 weeks when it is turned into the busiest terminal too.

The uniquely designed 210 open-air tent shaped roofs molded out of fiberglass give the cooling effect from the intensely hot desert air to pacify the pilgrims for the physically demanding mandatory rituals of Hajj. These thoughtfully architectured tents alleviate the need of expensive air-conditioning. The distinctive features of the Hajj Terminal of Jeddah Airport make it embrace the honor to win “The American Institute of Architects’ 25-year Award”.

The tent area may be thought of as a small city in itself and the formal restrictions like other airport terminals are not imposed on this one so the pilgrims get to feel themselves relaxed in an organized fashion. To ease the pilgrims, the comforts include resting and sleeping area, washing and toilet facilities too. A variety of small shops are also offered within the tent area. Enough space is available on the floors allowing the pilgrims to have their prayer mats rolled out to offer prayers, without being an obstruction to anyone. For the prayer purpose and to get involved in the worship during the stay at the airport, Mosques are built within the terminal.

The Hajj Terminal undoubtedly echoes the religious spirit and the authorities are inclined to make sure the utmost ease of the pilgrims where for most of them it is once-in-a-lifetime journey.




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