Miqat – The Stations of Ihram

Miqat - The stations of Ihram

In Arabic, Miqat means “a stated place”. For the believing men and women, it is imperative to recognize what Miqat is for the reason that these locations are correlated with entering the state of Ihram, which is the foremost obligatory step to be carried out before undergoing Umrah or the Pilgrimage of Hajj.

Having the intention of Hajj or Umrah, no Muslim is allowed to go beyond Miqat before entering the prescribed state of Ihram. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) described 5 stations of Ihram as the geographic boundary, for the ease of believers. One more station named Ibrahim Mursia was added later to cater to the pilgrims travelling by sea from the region of India and further East.

Dhul Halafia:

At a distance of about 9 kilometers from Medina and 255 kilometers north of Makkah, the Miqat of Dhul Halafia is for the people of Medina and anyone who come within reach of Makkah through this route. It is known by another name ‘Abyar Ali’.


The people coming from the direction of North Africa, Syria use this Miqat. It is situated to the west of Makkah at a distance of 180 kilometers.

Qarn al-Manazil:

This Miqat is positioned at a hilly place and is used as a reference for the pilgrims coming from Najd or the similar route. Its distance from the east side of Makkah is roughly 90 kilometers. Qarn al-Manazil is also called Qarn-uth-Tha’ali.


For the people coming from the direction of Iran and Iraq use this Miqat as their reference. On the north-east side of Makkah, Dhul-ul-irq is approximately 80 kilometers away. Al Dhareeba is another name for this station.


As-Sadiya or Yalamlam is another hilly post, 50 kilometers to the south-east of Makkah. The people who come from Yemen or take the similar course of journey use the Miqat of Yalamlam.

The situation might be a little confusing for the pilgrims who travel by air. As a rule of thumb, the people travelling from UK/Europe by air should remember that the Miqat zone is reached approximately one hour before the flight lands to the Jeddah Airport. Saudi Airlines normally make the announcement about Miqat. In cases where no announcement is made, you may ask some crew member to inform you an hour before reaching Jeddah. The purification needed to assume Ihram the clothing of Ihram should be done before reaching the point of Miqat. The intention of Ihram and Talbiyah can be done on reaching the point of Miqat.

Look for proper assistance about this sensitive matter if you face any doubt or misunderstanding. Carry out all the possible research to reach the best possible solution that coincides with your intellect and the boundaries set by Allah SWT.



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